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Most judges and attorneys just want to watch realtime transcription
and perform a few easy functions.
They do not need or want an expensive, complicated program.
Presenting: Bridge and Bridge Mobile
Easy Realtime Transcription Software
from the folks who’ve led the way
in taking the Rough out of Rough Draft.


 - Supports CaseView protocol, compatible with all modern CAT systems
 - Use the Bridge protocol to enjoy Instant Auto-Refresh
 - Open standard, freely available for implementation by all realtime software vendors.
 - Versatile:  Use traditional serial cables, network connections, wireless access points
Can be run from a flash drive, too.
(Click here for Bridge, preloaded on an inexpensive flash drive.)
 - Access functions via toolbar icons or speedkeys.
 - Speedkeys similar to other systems, to reduce learning curve.

 - At least 20 built-in Visualizer movies help you learn to use Bridge
- Built-in Help system, electronic manual, and keyboard chart.
- Built-in realtime simulator for demonstrations and for new users.
 - Screen automatically splits into 2 panes, whenever necessary.
      Top pane retains focus for searches and annotations.
      Bottom pane always shows what has just been said.
 - To mark text, just press spacebar or click on Push Pin icon.
 - To insert issue code, click on color-coded buttons or use speedkeys like Ctrl 1.
 - To insert note, move to line and just start typing. 
      You can also press Enter or Insert or click on notes column or click on Notepad icon.

 - Search bar is always open at bottom of screen.  Never covers up text.
 - Abundant quick searches, backward and forward, with speedkeys.
 - Eclipse support covers Bridge, too.
 - Nominal call fee, if support is even needed, for non-Eclipse users.

Use Bridge
to Market your Realtime Service!
You can create a personalized Bridge installer
that contains your contact information
after the words “Courtesy copy distributed by.”
This information can appear each time Bridge starts,
but it’s always accessible from the “Help” menu.

Advantage Software invites all reporters
(no matter what CAT system used)
as well as their judges, attorneys, and realtime clients
to freely download Bridge.
Click Here to Download

Your comments, requests, and suggestions for improvements are welcome:
Send e-mail to

Attention Vendors:  Bridge works as-is with all modern CAT software.
However, in order for your customers to take advantage of its Instant Auto-Refresh,
you’ll need to support the Bridge protocols.  We encourage you to do so.
Click here for free Bridge interface information.

 Minimal System Requirements
 At least Windows 98 or later
(Mac computers via Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware Fusion)
Pentium II or greater
For WiFi, 802.11 A/B/G/N
If not installing on computer, run Bridge from a USB flash drive, SD card, etc.
20 MB of disk space for full installation
(includes 19 MB of Help movies)