Keith Vincent, CSR
Tel. +1 (713)523-6345


A simple, safe, secure wireless connection
from your computer to your clients.
Finally, realtime transcription
with no strings attached!

The future is here.
It began with the StenoCast X1,
which let you wirelessly transmitting your steno notes to your computer.
The X1 was succeeded by the StenoCast Edge,
which added audio recording and internal steno storage.
A smaller and more powerful successor to the Edge
is now in the works. Details will follow as soon as available.

The StenoCast EzSend takes realtime transcription
from the court reporter’s computer and wirelessly transmits it
to as many as 14 client computers.
A Class I Bluetooth device,
it has a range of up to 300 feet.
The wireless transmission is securely encrypted.

To receive your wireless signal,
your clients can either plug in a tiny
StenoCast USB EzReceiver
for use with their own realtime browsers
(Bridge, LiveNote, Summation, CaseView, etc.)
or use a
StenoCast TV (Transcript Viewer)
for instant viewing of your realtime transcription.